MemoryMixer: An Overview

A scrapbook software program from Lasting Impressions, MemoryMixer allows you to turn your digital photos into a vivid memory experience. Choose from a wide array of scrapbook albums and designs to suit your taste and mood. Select from numerous pre-designed layouts that fire up your imagination to get that perfect memory experience.

Album Creation Options

In creating your albums you have three options: InstaMix, QuickMix and From Scratch. With InstaMix, you basically choose your own background and images and MemoryMixer creates your pages automatically. QuickMix simply lets you insert your images in a professionally made album. You can also use your creative talents by designing and making your own album from scratch, from the background design to the layout of the pictures.

Limitless Potential for Expression

In creating your perfect scrapbook, you can choose from hundreds of pre-designed backgrounds and ornamentations. You can also add and apply effects to images such as shadows, tilting texts and sepia. Image editing is also possible to a certain degree. For example, you can rotate, crop and blur images to your liking. All of these and more can be mixed and matched for limitless design possibilities.

Multimedia Components

Multiple forms of media can also be attached to your scrapbook and they are not just limited to images. You can also attach videos, sound clips, music and even files. In addition, you can put in scanned documents for that documentary and history type of feel, as well as web links.

Share and Store

After creating and finally finishing your masterpiece of a scrapbook, you can store and save it. It can have hundreds of pages with no problem at all. Importing pages from other albums and other MemoryMixer albums is possible, giving you the ability to capture and share your most precious memories.