Media Manager: Sharing Photos

Roxio Mobile Media Manager allows users to share media, including videos, music and videos. This software program allows users to easily transfer media files between a computer and a mobile device, including smartphones and MP3 players.

Compatible Devices

Roxio Mobile Media Manager has a partnership with Motorola and Blackberry, and it is included with all new Blackberry smartphones and Motorola Moto Z10. Other devices with which this program is compatible includes all devices enabled with Bluetooth, Windows Mobile or USB (Universal Serial Bus) driver.

For Bluetooth connections, users must have a device that can support ObexFTP. Users must also have a Bluetooth adapter, which can host Microsoft, IVT (BlueSoleil) or BTW (Broadcom). For phones using Windows Mobile, the device must have at least ActiveSync 4.1.

Music Features

Roxio Mobile Media Manager comes with a built-in search feature that allows users to search for, view and arrange media files. This feature can then be transferred to the mobile device on which the files are being played.

Users can generate music files like MP3s from CDs. Users can also add album artwork to their files and audio tags. Other features include the ability to create playlists by genre, or users can generate their own customized music playlists. Music files can be added to playlists without creating a copy of the file anywhere else on the device. This will eliminate the problem of multiple copies of the same media files.

Photo and Video Features

This program also allows users to manipulate and organize their photo files. In fact, for users of smartphones that come with cameras, they will be able to transfer their photos to the computer. This is an easy way for users to save their files. Or, they can transfer their files so that they can be printed.

Roxio Mobile Media Manager can do the same for video files, which can eat up a lot of memory of smartphones. Users can transfer a copy of the file their hard drive, and then they can upload it to their favorite video sharing sites. The program also allows users to customize their video capture quality settings. This ensures that the video will play back to the user’s standards.

Photo Editor

With this program, users do not need a dedicated photo editor to tweak their photos. They can simply use the built-in PhotoSuite, which comes with a full set of photo editing tools. These include the ability to crop photos, fix redeye issues and do adjustments to contrast, saturation and brightness. Users can also use the PhotoSuite to straighten out crooked or off-angle photographs.

This tool can be used to fix the photos before they are uploaded to the mobile device. Or, users can edit and improve the look of photos already on the device. PhotoSuite can also store photos so that they can be deleted off the mobile device without actually losing the data. Once transferred to the computer, users can also use PhotoSuite to set print settings and print the photo.