Mazaika: Making a Photo Mosaic

Mazaika is software for creating photo mosaics. A single picture can be made by comprising many different pictures. The mosaic is created by replacing all the area of the main image with images from a particular collection. The software takes into account the color scheme and distribution of brightness of the main image and selects appropriate images from the collection which best suits the color and brightness combination for the respective areas of the main image. Here are the basic steps involved in making a photo mosaic in Mazaika.

Step 1 - Selecting the Collection and Source Image

Once you have initialized Mazaika, click on "File" and select "Open Library." In the box which opens select the file which has the collection of your photos you want to use in the mosaic. After selecting the file you can preview the photos in that collection in the preview window on the right. If satisfied click on Open. Again click on File and select Open Source Image. This is the image on which your mosaic will be set.

Step 2 - Adjusting the Area and Dimension for Mosaic

The selected source image will now appear in a box with certain controls. You can set the Grid of the mosaic and the number of photos on the X and Y axis. In the X and Y tiles boxes set the number of photos you want printed. You can drag and resize a cropping frame on the source image to get the exact area of the source image which will have the mosaic. Once you have got the right area and dimension you are looking for, click on the Apply button. A Project dialog box will appear where you need to save your settings by clicking on Save. 

Step 3 - Render the Mosaic

Click the Render Mosaic button which is next to the Distance box in the left panel. You will now see the software creating the mosaic. After rendering is complete, check the Enhance button to adjust the Color enhancement readings. If satisfied the mosaic is now ready for printing.