Mass Link Missing Premiere Media Files

If you've ever lost the path reference or relative path information for a project in Adobe Premiere, you're sure to need a way to mass link the items in your project in order to avoid re-creating the entire project file. Whether you have a corrupted project file, or simply have saved the project file on the wrong drive, this how-to guide will show you how to quickly re-link all the items and references in your project file so that you can once again use the file inside Adobe Premiere.

What You'll Need

  • A computer with Adobe Premiere installed
  • An Adobe Premiere project file to work with

Step 1: Make a Backup Copy of the Adobe Premiere Project File

First, you should make a copy of the original Premiere project file and save it as a backup.

Step 2: Open the Copied Project File in a Text Editor

Next, use a program such as Notepad or Word pad to open the copied project file.

Step 3: Locate the Relative File Path in the Project File

When you open the project file in your text editor or in WordPad, the file won't appear to make much sense. They'll be a lot of numbers and words that don't make any sense at all. However, that shouldn't concern you, as you only need to use the find or search functions in your text editor to find the occurrence of the word "filepath". Once you have found the first occurrence of the word, keep hitting Next button until you find a reference to the word which resembles this: "< filepath > C". Of course, this is assuming that the original drive letter for the project was indeed the C drive.

Step 4: Replace the Default File Path in the Project File

Once you have found the file path, along with the drive letter in your text editor, you need to replace that file path letter with the drive letter where the project file copy is located. Once you replace the file path's drive letter, simply save the project file in the text editor.

Step 5: Open Adobe Premiere to Re-link All of the Media Files

Once you have corrected the file path information in the project file, open it with Adobe Premiere. Once you open the project file, all of the relative links to media clips and other items in your project file should now be displayed in the project viewer window. Click on a couple of the kit clips or other items in the project window just to be sure that you can view them in your source monitor viewer. If you can view all the files, the resynchronization and relinking of the files was successful. If there are problems, go back to your project file and again check the file path settings in a text editor.

(Note - This method will only work if you keep all of your media clips and items in the same bin or folder. If your items are scattered in various folders or directories on your hard drive, you will have no choice, but to simply re-create your project from scratch.)

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