Managing Your Photos in SuccessWare

Managing your photos in SuccessWare has never been so easy. This is, after all, software that is a true timesaver and it also helps to simplify studio operations. With it, you can improve bottom lines through automation of the best photography management principles. Here is a look at some of its main features:

General Features

This software is available as single and also multi-user version. It also comes with simple user guides to help you learn how to use SuccessWare easily and quickly. The installation is simple and keyboard shortcuts are available. You can also prevent unauthorized access to your photos.

Client Tracking

The software supports import of client information from different software. Each client’s business, name and address can be recorded. In addition, it also supports customization of salutations to clients and much more.

Direct Mail

SuccessWare allows you to print labels that can be customized for different clients. You can also print onto different label brands which helps to ensure that you can use any kind of label.

Expense Tracking

The software allows you track various business expenses, and you can pay your bills much faster by making use of recurring expenses (by entering the expense data once and reusing that information repeatedly).

Other features that have helped to make this software most useful when it comes to managing your photos include success pricing, success planning, financial tracking, general tracking and more. With the help of this software, you can learn how to make more money out of your photos and you can also turn your loss making studio into one that earns a profit for you.