Managing Your Photography Workflow in DxO Optics Pro

DxO Optics Pro makes it easy for you to manage your photography workflow. In addition to helping you manage your photography workflow, DxO Optics Pro is also capable of improving the quality of your images. DxO Optics Pro is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. This guideline will go over how DxO Optics Pro can help you manage your photography workflow, including easy image selection, image corrections and batch processing.

1. Easy Image Selection

DxO Optics Pro comes with a Select tab that will be your best friend if you are looking to improve your photography workflow. Every single image that you have imported into DxO Optics Pro will appear in the Select tab. If you simply want DxO Optics Pro to take care of your photos automatically, you simply select your photos, click "Process Now" and DxO Optics Pro will automatically process your photos for you.

2. Image Corrections

Once you get the hang of DxO Optics Pro, instead of letting DxO Optics Pro process your images automatically, you may want to get more involved in the process. DxO Optics Pro comes with a Prepare tab that you can use to adjust your photos. The Prepare tab has an image editor that you can use or you can adjust your photos with one of the correction presets that comes withDxO Optics Pro.

3. Batch Processing

Processing hundreds of photos can be a very time consuming process. The Process tab in DxO Optics Pro allows you to select as many photos as you want to be processed in a batch by DxO Optics Pro. The batch processing function in DxO Optics Pro even allows you to dictate where images should be saved, what format they should be saved in and what resolution they should be saved in.