Making Z Cards with Fotofusion Enhanced

If you love scrapbooking and you also love to take photographs, then you can’t afford not to use FotoFusion Enhanced. FotoFusion Enhanced makes it very easy to make Z cards for an actor or actress and also for stylists and makeup artists. All you need to do is make use of appropriate templates. Here is what you need to make your Z cards with this excellent software.

Step 1: Resize and Crop

Take the image document and click on the blue colored handles at the edges of the image. Drag them until you are able to obtain the right size. Similarly, to crop the image, you need to click on the yellow colored handles and move them till the image is properly cropped. This will help you create a Z card of an appropriate size.

Step 2: Add Color

Take the tool for painting and add the desired background color to the Z card, but only if needed.

Step 3: Choose Photos

Next, open up the different photographs that need to be added to the Z card. Pick the photographs that have to be added first and drag them to the main image document. Resize them and then repeat step three until all the photos have been added to the Z card.

Step 4: Add Text

Once the photographs have been added to the Z card, simply add text to the image document in the proper place.