Making Your DVD Photo Slideshow Look Professional

Making your DVD photo slideshow look professional can be quite challenging because there are so many home software packages which make it simple for everyone to do. If you want to make yours stand out from the crowd, then you will need to concentrate on making it look as professional as possible.

You will be able to make your DVD slideshows look more professional in a number of different steps. The things that you can do will depend on the volume of DVDs that you are producing.

Step 1: Choosing the Photos

Although it's easy for anyone to create photo DVD slideshows, many amateurs make the mistake of putting all of the photos together. Actually, you should spend time looking at the photos that you are considering fitting onto the DVD. Space is limited and so every photo must deserve to be there. If there are any photos which shouldn't be there, then get rid of them so that they don't waste any space.

Step 2: Designing the Layout

When it comes to the layout of the DVD, it can be very tempting just to put all the photos together. However, it's actually much better if you separate the photos into different themes. Each theme can have its own title page which is shown before each different section of photos.

Step 3: Choosing Transitions

There are a number of different transitions that you can use between the different photos. You do, however, need to be very careful to avoid overusing the transitions all the time. If you use too many transitions, then you will make your slideshow look much less professional. Stick to simple but elegant transitions so that the photos are the real star of the show, rather than allowing them to be overshadowed by the effects. 

Step 4: Editing

Once everything has been put together, you should then watch through it to ensure that everything is the best that it can be. Editing will be able to make your production much more professional because you will be able to see how the different photos look together.

Step 5: Producing the DVDs

When you have finished designing the DVDs, you will need to burn them to disk. This is very easy to do, but to make your video look more professional, you should avoid writing on a standard blank writable DVD. Delivering a disk with a written label on the front certainly isn't professional.

There are two alternatives to this, both of which will make your business look much more professional. First, you could start by using printable DVD disks. These can be burnt as normal in your DVD writer, but have a completely white label on the top. This can be put through a printer which has a CD printer tray.

If you are creating a DVD slide show for a large company, then you might be able to order a large number of disks. In this case, you could get the disks professionally created and pressed rather than burnt. Not only will this create a professional label, but it will also mean that the disks are silver rather than the normal green or blue.