Making Photos Look Fiery Hot in Photoshop

You can use hot Photoshop tools to give your pictures a hot and fiery look. Using Photoshop effects can allow you to make some great images, and by combining them with  other effects, you can make your pictures look really professional. To get started on using hot Photoshop techniques in digital art, you will need to spare an hour or two in which to learn how to produce this effect.

Step 1: Upload Your Picture

The first step is to select a suitable picture from your camera or other device, and then upload it onto your computer. Put it in a convenient location, as you will need to be able to find it quickly when you are looking for it. Once you have installed the picture onto your computer, and removed the device from which the image was taken, you can then open up the Adobe Photoshop software. Once open, click on the File button which can be found at the left hand side of the screen, at the top. You should then be taken to the file boxes, where you can find a second tab named New Image. Click on this button, and Adobe will open up your computer so that you can find the image you previously selected. Once you have the picture, press select, and the image should be taken to the Photoshop work area.

Step 2: Prepare the Photograph

Once you have uploaded the picture into Photoshop, you will need to resize the image so that it will fit any effects that you have chosen for it. Adjust the picture so that it is the right size in the Size tab, trying to get a square around 1.3 megapixels along each side. You may also want to duplicate the image by pressing CTRL+J.

Step 3: Give It Some Ripple

Begin by using the ripple effect to add some distortion to the picture. This will give it the look of being on fire. Go to the Filter tab, and then open the Distort drop down box. You should see Ripple in the selection. You should the reduce opacity on your original layer by up to 50 percent, and then darken it. You may also add the Wave effect from the distort button to give the appearance of smoke.

Step 4: Add the Flames

You will now need to add the flame color. In the top layer, use the Radial Gradient tool, and increase the amount of red. Make the Opacity of that later 30 percent. Create another layer from the original image, and use the Radial Gradiant to tint it orange. Join the two layers together by applying Overlay. You can now save the image to your computer. 

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