Making Movies with Corel Digital Studio

Digital Studio is a great Corel product that turns photo and video editing into a fun experience. With a user-friendly interface, it is ideal for DVD burning and playback editing. Users can achieve amazing results in just a few steps.

Step 1: Using Media Suite

Digital Studio comes in the form of one complete media suite, making it possible to organize all digital media files with the help one single program. You can easily enhance photographs and turn videos into movies in just a matter of minutes. The special tools offer a different approach in achieving video, photo editing tasks or creative ones such as adding special effects to your footage.

Step 2: Adding Movie Creation Options

The Digital Studio media suite also includes a powerful feature: the VideoStudio Express. This feature allows you to easily create movies. You can now turn your video clips into movies. You can add complete transitions and titles. Another great thing about this Digital Studio feature is that it offers a wide range of movie styles, with a touch of Hollywood-style openings, pans and zooms. You can even add soundtracks and special credits in the movie’s ending scene.

Users can now add titles and text to customize their movies. You can choose from a variety of fonts and other options to create real-impact movies, and also add soundtracks and voice-overs. This way, you will have a personalized movie with music tracks or voice tracks backgrounds.

Step 3: Creating a Movie

You can create a movie using the Digital Studio suite features. Launch your application and go to Action Bar. Here, select the Create menu and choose Movie. From the Create Movie page, you can select a screen format, type a name for your movie using the Project name box. Next, click Select photos and videos. Drag and drop videos and images into the Media Tray box and click the “Go to Movie” option.

To customize your movie, you can start by changing the movie style in the Styles tab. Also, add titles using the Titles tab. Add soundtracks using the Soundtrack tab, or by browsing through your music and adding your favorite track. You can also export the movie to other devices using the Output Movie option. Don’t forget to save your movie as a file, in order to be compatible for file uploading on social networks.

Step 4: Applying Other Editing Features

What is great about Video Studio is that this video editing application offers you a streamline interface with powerful editing tools. Both professionals and beginners can now create quick movies with a pro look. The QuickCut Timeline, along with easy-to-use editing tools, helps improve your video’s quality. The program also allows you to share movies on portable devices such as mobile phones, iPods and many more and upload videos to social networks.

Digital Studio is a fantastic media suite which allows you to enhance life’s memories and create great looking movies, slideshows and DVDs.