Making Home Movies Using Showbiz DVD

If you like creating home movies, then you should check out the Showbiz DVD software. This simple but powerful software allows you to create movies and edit them, so that your end result is a really professional DVD. The software has several simple features that allow you to easily view and edit your movie. You can use the DVD authoring tools and turn your home productions into great DVDs. Given below are step by step instructions on how to use Showbiz DVD to make your movies.

Step 1: Capture Your Video

The first thing that you need to do is to collect the various data that you require for your movie. A movie has audio tracks, videos and photos that are used together to create it. Once you have all this data ready, connect the video camera to the computer, launch the program and select the capture option from the welcome wizard. Use the control that pops up on the screen to navigate through your videos, and select the parts that you want to capture using the record button. This helps you capture all the files that you need for your movie.

Save all these files in an album so that you can use them later for editing. Albums are nothing but a storage representation on your computer that has links to all the data that is stored in your computer (which is required for your movie, like audio tracks, images and videos). The album plays an important part in helping you create your movie.

Step 2: Assemble and Edit Clips

You can now move on to creating and editing video clips by using the already captured data. What you need to do is open a storyboard, which is the template that helps you create your home movie. This is also called as the timeline. Select the data from the album onto the storyboard. The larger squares on the storyboard are where you will have to insert video and still images, and the smaller squares are for transitions. You can choose from the various different types of transition effects available while creating your video.

Using this storyboard view or the timeline view allows you to add audio, special effects, text, stills, videos and transitions. Start with adding the titles and the end credits for your movie. Rearrange the videos and images into the sequence that is appropriate, by dragging and dropping them into the new place. Choose the right transition time between stills and videos. You can specify the time in hours, minutes and second for each and every frame. Use the appropriate options in the timeline and compile your final video.

Step 3: Preview and Save

Now that you have finished compiling your movie into a single file, you can save your movie by selecting that Save project option on the File menu. Your movie is now ready to be played and enjoyed. You can always come back and perform any other modifications that you may require on these videos at a later point of time.