Making DVD Photo Slideshows for Family Reunions

Making DVD photo slideshows for family reunions and other occasions is now easy to do thanks to the DVD Slideshows software. To make a family album into a slideshow, follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Choosing Software

Choose the DVD Photo Slideshows software. If it is not installed on your desktop or notebook, do so and then you can start editing your slideshow.

Step 2: Open Your Project

Launch your program. Click File -> Project and start managing your photos and images. Drag and drop them into the window or choose to add the entire Folder.

Step 3: Edit Photos

You can double click on each photo in your list and access the edit slideshow window. Here you will be able to rotate the images, change the color to black and white, add effects and much more.

Step 4: Preview Photos

Make use of the live preview option to see your settings in live time. Press play and apply the transitions or movements you want on the specific photos. Then simply press "Apply" and close button once you are done previewing.

Step 5: Chapters

Insert chapter points to your slideshow. These are the basis for menu creation. Right click on a photo, choose "Chapter -> Insert Chapter." Each chapter point turns into a thumbnail in the menu. You can also change each thumbnail’s label.

Step 6: Menu Templates

You can go into Settings and click on your DVD Menu. Then Select different menu templates and or choose "No Menu" if you don’t wish to have a menu. Creating chapter points with No Menu means you will only have navigation points on your DVD. Press the “>>” button on your remote control to skip them when watching on a DVD player.

Step 7: Settings

You can use various settings to personalize your DVD photo slideshows such as Auto-start playback, Loop playback. Auto-start playback immediately inserts your slideshow into your DVD player, while Loop playback plays your slideshow in a loop cycle, by automatically starting the slideshow each time it ends.

Step 8: Subtitles and Comments

Use the Display subtitle on the start command to activate subtitle channels if you wrote comments to your photos in the edit slide window. You can activate or deactivate subtitles and comments using the Setting menu of your DVD or by pressing the Subtitle button on the remote control.

Step 9: Chapter Text

Go to Settings and choose "Chapter Text" format to define the text format of your chapters. Or right click on each photo to add Chapter Text and add dates, for example. You can also add comments, thoughts and quotes.

Step 10: Add Time and Numbers

You can display the time in your DVD photo slideshows and add chapter numbers. You can see each chapter point’s time and number in the photo list.

Step 11: Music

Add music files to play on the background of your slideshows. You can add full songs or just small parts.

Step 12: Output Format

Choose DVD video Output Format for your DVD photo slideshows. Make sure the video choice is standard PAL or NTSC. Click "Next step" and save your project.