Making Brochures with Print Artist Gold

Print Artist Gold is one of the best pieces of software which can be used to create a variety of different publications. It's possible to use Print Artist Gold to create professional looking brochures which can promote and advertise your business. What's more, Print Artist Gold is very easy to use. This is a powerful application which can create some interesting results.

Print Artist Gold is suitable for many different uses. It's ideal for business users who want to create promotional materials. It's also perfect for home use and school use. The software can be used with Windows XP, Vista or 7.

Step 1: Starting Print Artist Gold

The first thing that you need to do is open Print Artist Gold. To do this, click on the start menu and select it from the list of applications. This should open very quickly, although it might take some time depending on the speed of your computer.

Step 2: Starting a New Project

Now you need to start a new project. To create a brochure, either select one of the brochure templates or choose the blank sized brochure that you want to create. Alternatively, you might want to open up a project that you have already started.

Step 3: Importing Images

A brochure wouldn't be interesting without lots of pictures. These can be imported from anywhere on your computer and then displayed on the page. To import images click on the insert, image menu. This will make a browse dialog box appear which can be used to find the photos or images that you want to add.

Step 4: Resizing Images

It's unlikely that you will be happy with the images how they are now. In this case, you will need to re-size them. Resizing an image is very easy. Start by clicking on the image to select it. This will display a number of handles around the edge of the image. Click and drag these handles to re-size the image to the desired size.

If you want to keep the proportions of the image then you can hold down shift when resizing. This makes sure that the image won't be stretched or squashed out of size.

Step 5: Moving Images

The images can also be moved around the page easily. To do this, click on the image and then hold down the mouse button and move to where you want them positioned. This makes it very easy to position the images where you want them.

Step 6: Typing Text

Select the text tool and click where you want the text to start. Then, you can type the text. It's also possible to change the font and the size of the text. This will make it very easy to change the look of your text and make the brochure look more appealing.

Step 7: Printing the Brochure

When you are happy with the design of your brochure, you must save it. Then you can print it. It's possible to use any paper, although you will probably need to turn the paper round in the printer so that you can print on both sides of paper.