Making a Slideshow in iPhoto 2

Slideshows have become a very popular feature of iphoto 2. The steps listed below will help you become more comfortable with the making of a slideshow.

Organize and Add

Before you think about the technical aspects of composing a slideshow, think of the pictures that you would like to include. Put these pictures into an album so that you will not have to scroll through several photos to find those to put into the slideshow.

Select the album you are creating, click on the + sign at the bottom of the window, choose "Slideshow" and name your Slideshow the name of your choice. You can still add and delete photos individually. Drag and drop photos to your favorite position in the slideshow. You can change the photos at any time without effecting the look of your slideshow.

Choose Your Options

After you have added the photos that you are happy with, you can begin to tweak your slideshow. You can play or preview your album at any time during this process. Choose "effect" to get your picture in black and white or sepia to create an interesting effect for your photos. You can change how long the photos appear for by choosing "adjust". Select "transition" to change how the slideshow looks while going from picture to picture.

As there are several options available, feel free to preview several and see which works best for your slideshow. You can even add music to the slideshow. You can have the music play through the entire slideshow or you can choose to manually click "play" in order to get the music to play.

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