Making a Panoramic Picture in PhotoImpact

A panoramic picture can be created with Ulead's PhotoImpact by using the Cool 360 feature, which lets you "stitch" two or more of your shots together. Due to the limitations of a camera lens, it may not be possible to capture a panoramic shot in a single frame, and this is where PhotoImpact proves useful and lets you combine several of your shots into one panoramic view. Let's see how this is done.

Step 1: Taking the Shots

For this example, we will be taking three shots of a mountain range to create a panoramic effect. The point to remember while taking the shots is that each shot should include at least a 20% area of the previous shot, so that they will overlap when placed together. The shots should be saved in the same type of format and should have the same size.

Step 2: Opening the Cool 360 Feature

After you have initialized PhotoImpact and imported the three shots, click on Photo and select Cool 360. This will open the dialog box for Cool 360, and you will find your three shots as thumbnails.

Step 3: Choosing the Options

Click on Stitch Options and in the Layout Style, select Horizontal. Now arrange your shots by dragging them and placing them in the sequence you want them stitched.

Step 4: Previewing

Click on the Stitch Preview button, and you will find a preview of how the combined image is going to look.

Step 5: Improving the Quality

If you observe any faults at the points where the shots are stitched, then click on the Stitch Options button again, choose Render Quality and select Gradual. The software will automatically correct any problems. If you are satisfied with the image, click OK.

Step 6: Cropping

Once you click on the OK button, your stitched image will open in your workspace and will be untitled. You can use the Crop tool to cut off any edges which are uneven, and then you can save the panoramic image.