Making a Panoramic Picture in PhotoExplosion

PhotoExplosion is one of the best software programs available, especially if you are trying to look for programs that can give you an easy yet great panoramic picture. There are a lot of features that come with this all-in-one program; one of them is PanoramaPlus, which allows you to create your very own panoramic picture through a series of photo morphs and stitches, making the entire process a breeze.

Step 1: Upload Your Photos

The first thing that you should do is to upload photos in photo explosion. Do this by opening your photo directory in photo explosion and selecting the specific files that you want for this certain project. It can either be a video or a set of photos.

Step 2: Launch PanoramicPlus

Once you have selected the photos that you want, launch the PanoramicPlus feature of Photo Explosion through the special effects portion of the software. Once you have done this, PanoramicPlus will automatically detect your photos, stitch them and morph them. This feature would enable you to have panoramic photos in minutes. Of course, you can always set the height and the width of the photo so that it would fit your specifications. It also has an auto color blend feature that you can use to make your panoramic photo will look perfect.

Step 3: Perform the Final Editing and Save

When you already have your panoramic photo, it will be best to do some final editing to the final product to end up with the perfect photo. Once you are happy with your work, save it by pressing ctrl+s or by clicking the file tab and saving.