Making a Muzzle Flash in Movie Edit Pro

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro allows users to add effects to the video sequences and clips. One of those effects includes adding muzzle flashes to a shooting gun. This will make the sequence look more authenticate, and the effect is simple enough for even beginning users.

Step 1: Adding the Muzzle Flash

The first thing users need to do is open up the video clip and advance it to the correct section. Next, they need to find a muzzle flash. If a user does not already have a muzzle flash image, he may be able to find it on third-party sites like Google.

Import the muzzle flash into Movie Edit Pro, and then drag and drop it into the timeline. The video sequence should be at the correct clip. Just place the muzzle clip underneath the clip on the timeline.

Step 2: Editing the Muzzle Flash

More than likely, the image is going to be too big and will probably have its own background when a user adds it to the timeline. So, right-click on the muzzle flash image in the timeline.

Go into Video Effects. Remove all the background from the foreground image by selecting the black box on the timeline. If there is still some lingering background, users can further manipulate the images until they are all gone. Start reducing the muzzle flash. It will have to be further reduced once added to the timeline, but this will give the user a head start on the process.

Step 3: Adding the Flash to the Gun

Preview the sequence with the current muzzle flash location and size. Reduce the size further until it is the right size for the gun. Move the muzzle flash so that it is straight and that it is right at the end of the gun. It should not overlap the gun, or it will not look natural.

Manipulate with the length of the muzzle flash clip. It will have to be really short since this is how real muzzle flashes work. Preview it again. Cut it down even further. Generally, it should be almost a millisecond to look authentic. Once the image is cut, users can just delete the rest of the split image.

Step 4: Add the Muzzle Flash to the Other Images

If a user needs to add additional muzzle flashes, they can just copy and paste the one that was just created. To do that, select the image on the timeline, and then press Control + C on the keyboard. Then, advance the video sequence to the next gun section. Hit Control + V.

Now, reposition the muzzle flash next to the new gun sequence. The image size should be correct since it was already reduced in the previous section. To make the flash look a bit different, users may wish to darken or add color to the new muzzle flash.

Step 5: Preview

Preview the entire sequence from beginning to end, and make sure that all of the muzzle flashes look correct. And, then render the entire sequence.