Making a Montage with Photo Explosion

Photo Explosion is among the very first software packages that delivered powerful editing features coupled, with great special effects and the ability to create professional grade photo projects, to home users. Photo Explosion comes pre loaded with a lot of exciting features that are conceptualized, designed and developed enable the average home users to get the most out of their digital photography equipment. Among the hundreds of photo project options and templates, you will find the ability to create photomontages. This is a pretty arty feature on the software that promises to deliver a lot of fun, but may have limited usability.

Essentially, the photomontage feature covers design and development of photographic compositions that, themselves, are made up of thumbnail photographs in your photo library. Below describes how to make these photo montages.

Step 1: Launch Photo Explosion

To open photo explosion, you will click on the relevant icon (looks like a camera with a picture behind it) on your desktop. After the splash screen, you will be presented with a start-up screen where you can browse, edit, create and import pictures using the software.

Step 2: Create Photo Montage

Under the “Create” option on the home screen, you will find an option to create a photo montage. You will click on this option and proceed to the next screen where you will be able to create one.

You will select the target picture selection options. The target picture is the one that will be your resulting image (or the super image that will be composed of thumbnail photographs in your photo library). Once this is done, you can select the images to be used as a portion of the super image, and then click ok to generate the super image. Alternatively, you can let photo explosion select images on its own. This will allow for a much better super image composition because of the automated selection of color, size, depth and shade.

Please note that this feature will not be useful if you have a very limited photo gallery because a lack of options will result in a poor selection of color, size, depth and shade. Once the photo montage is generated, you are now ready to save it as a stand-alone image and share it with your friends and family.

Step 3: Share

You will use the share feature of the photo explosion software package to readily and easily send photos to family and friends. With integrated web support, photo explosion allows you to create, save and share montages with just one click across multiple web services. You can directly save photos for eBay, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Youtube, SendPhotos and other websites. You can also post photo montages on web pages.