Making a Heart Pulse Animation in Xara Xtreme

Linux users know that when it comes to photo manipulation or illustration software, there’s no better program than Xara Xtreme. Xara Xtreme may be a simplified version of its contemporaries, but it has all the bells and whistles that a graphics designer will need. For some computer programmers and those with enough know-how, it may even be their preferred illustration program.

Xara Xtreme is an extremely flexible program that comes built-in with some animation and illustration add-ons. One such popular animation option is the Heart Pulse Animation. This is when you incorporate your text or graphics into a heart shape, and the text or graphics pulses along to a heartbeat rhythm. This applies best to Xara 3D animation work.

Step 1: Prepare Your Text

Open a new document on Xara Xtreme, and choose the Text tool to create your graphics or text. Type in any word or sentence that you want to appear in your animation. Tweak it according to your preference in terms of size, color and font. Then, save the file in your computer.

Step 2: Prepare Your 3D Animation

Go to File, and choose Import Animation from the dropdown menu. Here, you can choose the text or graphics file that you created earlier. This is a step towards creating your 3D Heart Pulse Animation.

Step 3: Apply the Proper Filters

Once you’ve imported your animation, choose the Pulse2.x3d from the list of preset Animations. This is the pulsing effect that you will get in the end.

Step 4: Choose the Design

The next step is to choose the heart design that will go with your pulse animation. Simply click on File and choose Import Design from the dropdown menu. Click on the Heart.x3d design. Your 3D text will then appear in the heart illustration, and pulsate like a heartbeat.