Making a Digital Yearbook on Yearbook Alive

Creating a digital yearbook is now easy with Yearbook Alive software. This software provides a good opportunity for a school to raise funds by publishing their in-house production of a yearbook for various grades. Here are some easy steps that will help you create a digital yearbook with Yearbook Alive.

Step 1 - Start a Project

Once you initialize Yearbook Alive you have a very easy interface that will help build your yearbook. The screen has three major tabs, namely: Add Media, Preview and Produce. The opening screen also has a box which gives you two options of creating a new project or continuing with an existing one. Click on the "Create a new Yearbook Project" option and in the next box fill in your Yearbook name and click on the Create button.

Step 2 - Add Media

Click on the Add Media tab and you have various options in the left panel to start creating your digital yearbook. You can start creating a slideshow, add grades and compose media about events and gatherings of staff. Click on a particular grade and in the right panel you will see the different classes under the title Galleries. Click on a class and in the next box click the Add Media button. This will allow you to browse to the particular folder where you have stored your photos and videos and open them and add them in this application. Now click on the View Mode button and select View Thumbnails and Text. This will enable you add text to each photo or video which you have just added.

Step 3 - Preview

The Preview tab can be clicked anytime to see how your work looks and the way it will appear in the final version.

Step 4 - Produce

After you have completed your project click on the Produce tab and it gives you two options of either burning your project on a CD or DVD or saving it on your hard drive.