Making 3D Text in Magix 3D Maker

Magix 3D Maker is a sophisticated software program that allows you to create your own 3D text, titles and animations. Then, you can export your creation as a graphics file, an image or an animated video. Magic 3D maker gives you the tools to create and animate 3D texts, including template and graphics that can make your 3D titles and texts look phenomenal and very professional. You can export them in the most convenient format, such as image or graphics.

Creating 3D Text with Magix 3D Maker

When creating 3D texts with Magix 3D maker, you can create text for titles, slideshows and graphics or banners. You can create logos, shapes and headlines or artistic fonts. Magix 3D maker can work as a complement to text processing programs such as MS Word.

When working with Magix 3D Maker, you can choose among a vast selection of templates and font types, open designs or existing styles and types. Magix 3D Maker comes with a user friendly and easy to navigate through interface, allowing you to customize your screen the way you want. Some of the actions are fully automated. Therefore, you can try to create your first 3D texts even if you are a first time user of the program.

3 Dimensional Texts

You can create 3 dimensional texts in all video programs, since the animations and texts created come with a transparent background. They can be saved in a standard format, allowing you to place the texts in images, videos, slideshows or presentations.