Make Your Photos Look Vintage for Photoshop

 Applying a vintage Photoshop filter is very simple and will make any photo--no matter when it was taken--look like it was taken years ago. Creating vintage photos has never been easier thanks to computers and Photoshop making your life much easier. Photoshop is a very powerful image editing application and is the application many digital photographers use to perfect their art work.

There are a few different techniques which can be used to make your photo look vintage, but most of these will achieve similar results. We're going to look at one of the easiest and most effective methods which can be used to create a vintage photograph in Photoshop.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Photoshop 
  • Digital Photograph

Step 1: Opening Your Photo

First, you need to load Photoshop and open your photo by selecting it when you click File, Open. If you haven't already done so, then you should copy the photo from your camera to your computers hard drive so that editing is easy. If you have a photo in a non-digital format, then you can first scan this into your computer.

Step 2: Setting the Color Palette

Open the color picker in Photoshop by clicking on the foreground color; this will allow you to select a wide range of different colors and shades. Set the foreground color # value to ff0000, which will result in a red color. Then, click ok to confirm your color choice.

Now, open the color picker for the background color by clicking on the background color. Change the # value to 00ff00 which is a neon green color. Then, click Ok to accept the changes.

Step 3: Duplicating the Layer

When you first open your photo, there will only be one background layer. You now need to duplicate this layer so that you can edit the image easily and safely. Duplicate the layer by clicking Layer, Duplicate Layer from the menu at the top of the screen. The layer will be called Layer 1 as standard, although you can change the name to something more descriptive if you prefer. However, in this case, there aren't many layers to deal with so the names aren't that important.

Step 4: Gradient Map

Select your new layer which will be called Layer 1, unless you changed it, and select Gradient Map. To do this, click on Image, Adjustments and click on the Gradient Map.

Step 5: Blending Options

Select Layer, Layer Style, and click on Blending Options. This will cause a pop-up box with various settings to be displayed. Set the blend mode to color and change the opacity to 50%. Now click Ok to confirm your choices and apply the changes.

Step 6: Flattening the Image

Flatten the image by clicking on Layer, Flatten Image. This will get rid of your separate top layer and merge everything down into the single layer again.

Step 7: Adding Filters

Add a noise filter to your image by clicking on Filter, Noise, Add Noise. In the filter options, box set the amount to 2% and select the distribution as Gaussian. Also, ensure that the monochromatic box is ticked.

This should then create a vintage looking photograph which can be uploaded to the Internet or printed off and then enjoyed. This is a very simple but highly effective method of creating a vintage photograph.

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