Make Your Photos Look Dreamy with Photoshop

One thing you may want to have in your album is a few wistful shots, and the Dreamy Photoshop effect is one way to enhance your photographs. You can use this effect to give your pictures the quality of a professional photographer, and you will also be able to get the best from your images by using the Dreamy Photoshop tools (to add mists or gothic images to an otherwise plain landscape). In order to get this task done, you will need some spare time, and a few images that you don't mind distorting or damaging during the course of your learning.

Materials Needed

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Suitable Images
  • Spare time

Step 1: Import Your Picture

The first thing that you will need to do is find suitable pictures, and place them in a convenient location on your computer. Once this is done, remove the device you have downloaded the pictures from, and open up Adobe Photoshop. You should then go to the file section, and click on the link which says New Image. You will then be shown all of the areas and files on your computer, and you can pick the image you want to work with, and press Select. The picture should now be in the Adobe Photoshop work area.

Step 2: Prepare Your Picture

Once your picture is in the Photoshop working window, you will need to adjust it to be the right size for your picture. Duplicate the image, and place it over the top of your previous image. Open up your Image tab, and find the drop-down box labeled Adjustments. Click the part of the box named Auto Color, as this will get the best out of the colors in your image. You should then go back to Adjustments, and click Desaturate. This will turn your picture black and white.

Step 3: Blur Your Image

In order to make the dreamy effect, you will now need to blur the image. Once you are satisfied that you have the picture exactly where you want it (right size, color and proportions), then you should click the tab on your Photoshop called Filters. There will be a drop-down box titled Blur, and in the box will be another box named Gaussian Blur. Open up this area, and then set the pixels at 5px. This is the extreme blur, so if you are not satisfied by this, or it just makes the picture look bad, cancel the changes, and then use a higher pixel count to give a slightly sharper image.

Step 4: Finishing

Once you have done this, take the layer which you have added the effects to, and then click the blending button titled Overlay. This should make the changed layer and the ordinary layer combine, to give a better effect. Save the picture to your computer,  and repeat as many times as you like.

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