Make Great Surfing Videos Using Arcsoft Showbiz DVD

Showbiz DVD is a great professional way to create professional surfing videos. The software is much simpler to use than other video editing packages, but still very powerful. You will be able to use this to create great surfing videos that you can be proud of. With practice, it will be fairly easy to use this software to build the best videos you possibly can.

Arcsoft Showbiz DVD is suitable for Windows powered computers and can be installed on most versions of the operating system. To use this software effectively, you will need to use a dual core processor and 2GB of RAM. Trying to run this on a slower computer will make your computer struggle when editing the footage.

Step 1: Recording Footage

First, you need to set your camera up on a tripod where you can clearly see all of the footage that you want to capture. To create a more professional video, you might want to use multiple cameras so that different angles can be recorded. If you want to move the camera around, then you should consider using a steady mount which will keep the camera level as you are recording.

Step 2: Opening the Footage

Connect the camera to your computer and transfer the video onto your computer. This needs to be repeated for every camera that you used. With the video files transferred, you should then start a new blank project in Arcsoft Showbiz DVD.

Step 3: Inserting Video Clips

Click on the Insert video button on the task bar to import the video into the application. This will make a browse dialog box appear, which can be used to search for the video files and add them to your project. If you also want to add still images to your timeline, then you can click the Add Photos button. The duration that photos are displayed on the screen for can be adjusted if required.

Step 4: Editing

Use some of the built in video editing tools to streamline and make the most of the recorded footage. If you have recorded from multiple cameras, then you will need to cut and insert clips from each of the different cameras. Editing can be time consuming, but it's something that's worth spending time on to complete.

Step 5: Designing a Menu

A DVD wouldn't be professional if it didn't have a good menu. The menu makes it easy to navigate the disk and select certain parts of it. Showbiz DVD has fully featured DVD menu designers to make this very simple. Click the Design button at the top of the screen and choose the basic theme for your menu. You will also be able to rearrange the menu buttons by clicking and dragging them.

The customize tab can be used to change more about the menu. You could change the background color, background opacity or frame. It's also possible to add background music to make your menu more interesting to watch. There are a number of sub menus which will be created automatically and can be adjusted at the same time.