Magix Photostory: Making a Slideshow DVD

Magix Photostory is a product from Magix, an international developer of media editing and software applications that has been in business since 1993. Magix Photostory 9 is one of their latest photo editing and presentation applications that allow users to gather, edit and produce slideshows with their pictures. The software also allows users to add back ground music, text and a host of different effects into their slideshows. Users can also burn their projects directly to CD or DVD through this software. The following examines how to make a Slideshow DVD with Magix Photostrory 9.

Step 1: Select Pictures for Your Slideshow

Magix Photostory 9 opens in the Edit Slideshow interface. Click on the Media Pool button to access different pictures and slideshows, music and effects files. To add pictures to this area, select the My Pictures tab. Once they are in the Media Pool, highlight and drag them to the Edit Slideshow area. This area will now go into Storyboard mode. Here, you will be able edit your pictures as well as finalize the selection for your slideshow.

Step 2: Edit Selected Photos

Once you are in Storyboard mode, you will have access to a whole host of effects to choose from to improve the quality of your pictures. By selecting Effects > One Click Optimization, you can let Magic Photostory 9 do it for you. Simply drag this effect on any picture you wish to improve and it will be done. You also have the option of double clicking on your pictures and going into the picture editing window. Here, you will be able to set the brightness, contrast, saturation & color levels amongst a list of other effects to your pictures.

Step 3: Edit Slideshow

Once you are happy with the quality of your pictures, you can access Magix MovieShow Maker to add styles, transition effects and music to your slideshow. This tool will take you through a three step process to accomplish and preview your slideshow. Once that is done, click on the Apply button and OK to go back to the Storyboard mode, to fine tune the effects and decide the length of your slideshow. This can be done using the FX, AB & Text buttons surrounding each picture.

The FX button lets you edit the effects on the photo; the AB button lets you edit the transition effects between each picture; and the text button will allow you to add text to any picture. You are also able to see the time duration each picture will be visible on screen. By moving the slider at the beginning and end of your picture, you will also be able to control the length of time your picture is visible.

Step 4: Save Slideshow on Disc

Once you have finalized the effects in your slideshow, save your project and click on the Burn Disc option to burn on your project on your CD or DVD.