Magic Photo Editor: How to Use

Magic Photo Editor is a very easy to use photo editing package. It makes it possible to lay a photograph over the top of a landscape photo. This makes it very simple to make beautiful pieces of art work that you can be proud of. The photos can then be printed out or uploaded to the Internet. They make a fantastic gift to give to a loved one because they are unique and so special.

Installing and Running the Application

First, you will need to download and then install the application on yoru computer. With it installed successfully, you can then run Magic Photo Editor.

Creating a New Project

To create an empty project that you can customize, click on File, New. You can then load the image that you want to use for your project by clicking on "Photo." This will allow you to browse for the photo you want to use.

Choosing Background

Click on "Backdrop" to choose the background that you want to use in your project. If you don't already have a suitable background image, then you could try finding one on the Internet by searching for it. This should make it relatively simple to find an image that works well for your project.


Then, it's a matter of looking at the different masks which can be applied to the image. There are over 180 different masks to chose from. This will change how the foreground image appears on the backdrop. Experiment with the different masks so that you are happy with the results.