Magic Photo Editor: Features List

Magic Photo Editor, as the name suggests, is photo editing software. Therefore, it helps you to create albums, slide-shows and scrapbooks while also allowing you to correct and edit pictures as per your requirements. Here are some of the features of this product.

Masks and Clip-Arts

You can select from over 100 masks that allow you to play with the shape of the photograph and blend into the background of your image. Also, you can add clip-arts to enhance the beauty of the picture. This software has over 100 such clip-arts that you can choose from.

Cartoons and Outlines

If you want an even more fun experience and want to add a toony twist to your album or picture, then you have around 180 to choose from and use. There are also over 60 outlines that enhance your photographs and give them a shining effect.

Frames and Text

The Magic Photo Editor also allows you to add lovely frames to your photographs and you can even personalize them by adding text comments onto them. Therefore, whether your photos represent a short trip overseas or a fun evening with family and friends, this software adds style to your memories.