Luxriot DVR Surveillance Software: Reasons to Buy

DVR surveillance software is a windows based program for recording video in digital format. It is also a remote surveillance package. It has wonderful features, making it worth buying. Here is why you should invest in this software.

Basic Features

Luxriot also offers a range of DVR solutions that gives a larger range of choices including support for video capture boards, network IP cameras, video servers, USB camcorders and photo capture devices.

User Friendly Features

It has an easy-to-use interface that makes the complicated surveillance program simple to understand. Most of the common settings and functions can be completed using the wizards, due to the software’s intuitive nature.

Different Editions

It has about five various editions based on the needs of the users and their budget. There's a basic edition called the Personal Edition and the advanced one is called the Enterprise. All editions mostly differ in the number of cameras permitted along with the remotely operated client connections. You can easily upgrade to a later edition from the previous without any problems.