Lumapix 101

Lumapix FotoFusion is image layout software that enables you to create albums and templates and also share them online. Here are some of its impressive features.

Versatile and Quick

Lumapix offers an easy interface and several tools which makes the job simple and quick. You can create a wedding album within a short time and also a personalized template very quickly. If you are lost for styles, Lumapix has an online catalog for choosing designer styles for wedding albums. The software offers a host of tools for fine tuning your image layouts and has features for watermarking your images in the lowest resolutions. Even highly professional and time consuming jobs like making a class composite can be done in a relatively shorter time with very good results. A database of images can be built up effectively by tagging and use of keywords which allows you to make sport team composites in minutes. Other capabilities of the software include making of Zcards for artists and actors with a library of various styles of templates to help you.  

Professional Printing Options

Apart from printing the regular albums and cards, Lumapix has powerful resizing and rendering tools that enable you to get professional printing output. You can create large format outputs keeping to the optimum aspects and high resolutions while re-rendering. This capability is excellent for businesses that need outputs in various large sizes for portraits and composite images. Portraits can be customized to taste with various templates for giving them a unique look. Various graphics and text can also be incorporated into the image for added effect.