Lightroom: How To Remove Unwanted Items in Photos

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom allows users to organize, sort, edit and manipulate their photos and other images. Lightroom also allows users to remove unwanted items from their photos simply by following some easy steps.

Step 1: Why Remove Unwanted Items?

Everyone at some point or another has taken photographs only to find that something unexpected has shown up in the background. This can be extremely annoying, but Lightroom allows users to go ahead and remove that object.

Objects can also be removed from the foreground to better display some background items. For example, let's say that a photographer was taking a picture of tree and a mountain. When he gets back to the studio, he decides that he just wants to focus on the mountain.  He can just pop out the unwanted tree, and the mountain will be displayed by itself.

Step 2: How to Remove Items in Lightroom

The easiest way to remove items from a photo is by using the Heal or Clone tool. These tools can be used for minor things like a fly from the scene or something as large as an elephant. Since both of these tools are located within the Develop module, users should just experiment with them to see which one will work better. And, since users are in the Develop module, adjustments won't be permanent until the user wants them to be.

Now, users should follow the below directions to remove any unwanted item.

  1. Open up the Develop module.
  2. It is located next to the crop tool.  Users can also hit the N key to open up the tool.
  3. Ensure that the brush size is large enough to cover the entire item.
  4. Users need to select the object that needs to be removed by dragging the fix tool over the area.
  5. If the circle is not in the correct position, simply drag it to the correct one.
  6. Then, users should use the Amount Slider to reduce the size of the item.

To preview how well the changed worked, users can hit the On/Off switch within the Spot Removal Tool. Users can then see what the difference is between the two pictures.

Step 3: Difference between Heal and Clone

The Clone tool allows users to select a certain area of a photo and then select another area to replace it.  For example, a photographer has just taken a picture of a boat in the water, but later he decides that he just wants the water. He can just select another area of water to cover up the boat. Users must ensure that the new area blends well with the previous section.

The Heal tool, on the other hand, will try to blend the new area with the previous.