Lightroom: How To Print Images

While digital images are great, there's nothing like a hard copy of an image to share with friends and family, or even to place in a frame and hang up on a wall. The Lightroom Print module offers users options on how they would like to print their images. All users need to do is follow the simple step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Print Module Setup

The Print module allows users to choose the photos that they would like to print, how the page should be laid out and other print options. The module is broken up into three sections. The middle section will show a preview of the layout of the print. The left-hand side is the Preview panel. Users can select from preset templates that range from 4x6 sizes to 7x5. Users can also select whether or not they want a contact sheet printed or whether or not they would like a Fine Art Mat added.

The right-hand side features the Layout Engine and Image Settings panels. This basically allows users to decide how photos should look within the selected template. In these panels, users can also adjust the template settings, change the resolution of pictures, sharpen them, and handle other color management options. Users can also add text to their photos here.

Step 2: How to Print Photos in Lightroom

If users have decided that it is now time to print their photos, they can follow the below step to obtain a hard copy of their photos:

  1. Users should open up the photo or photos that they would like to print. Users can either add a whole set of photos from the Quick Collection panel, or they can pull a number of images from the Filmstrip. Photos can be searched for by name or keyword as well.
  2. Next, users need to input the size of the page that they are using. For Windows users, this can be done by going to Page Setup in the Print Module -> Paper, and then selecting page size. Mac OS users will have to go into Page Setup, and then select their printer from the Format For dropdown menu. Then, they will have to choose their paper size.
  3. Now, users will have to select one of the templates from the left-hand side of the page. Users can either use one of the preset templates, or they may customize via the Image Settings and Layout Engine from the right-hand side.
  4. Users should go ahead and add effects and text if they wish.
  5. Next, users need to go into the Print Job panel. They may leave the settings to the preset ones, or they may adjust items like resolution or sharpening.
  6. Be sure that the correct printer and paper size is selected. Then, press OK to print the photos.

Users may wish to save their print settings if they plan on using the same settings in the future. This can be done by saving them as a custom print template.

For users that are just creating a test print, they should print their photos in Draft Mode Printing. This will save ink.