LightCrafts Aurora: Reasons to Buy

LightCrafts Aurora is a photo software program used to manipulate, sort out, archive and share all of your image files with friends and relatives. Here are some of the reasons to buy it.

Compatible with Popular Social Networks

LightCrafts Aurora lets you easily and simply upload photos to social networking websites like Facebook, Flickr and Shuttefly. You can connect to the website you prefer from within the Aurora program to save time.

Email or Print Photos

This program also helps put your edited photos into the proper format to email them to friends from within the program. Or, if you prefer, you can print your photos and send them through snail mail.

Easy Organization

This program makes organization fun. You can import image files directly from a camera or computer. Then, you can arrange them however you like, give them new names, give them a rating, or tag them so you can find them again quickly and easily.

Powerful Editing Tools

LightCrafts Aurora contains a relight tool that helps to restore details in darkened areas of image files without sacrificing the correct lighting in other areas of the image. This makes for a much more realistic result. Besides this valuable tool, you can also crop, straighten, modify colors and modify the contrast.

Online Storage

Best of all, LightCrafts Aurora helps keep your images safe and sound with the option to back them up by storing them on the website for a small monthly fee. You can upload thousands of images and they are forever stored so you can’t loose your precious memories.