LightCrafts Aurora: Key Features

Aurora from LightCrafts is photo editing software which specializes in correcting lighting problems. It also has features for organizing, storing and sharing your photos. Here are few of its key features.

Relight Tool

The main feature of this software is its capacity to adjust the light within the image using advanced algorithms. The Relight tool will increase the light in such a way that details in the shadow areas are brought forth. At the same time, it does not overexpose other areas of the image.

Editing Tools

Aurora packs all the tools required for the usual photo editing requirements. To improve the perspective of your image, you can use tools for straightening and cropping the photo and improve the color saturation and hues by choosing various tones and adjusting the strength of colors. The interface is quite simple and you can finish editing within a short time.

Organizing and Sharing

Aurora has many features for effectively managing your photo database. You can tag your image files and organize them in various folders, and provide whatever search parameters you want. For sharing, you can directly post your images from the software to websites like Flickr, Facebook and many others.