Learning About XnView

XnView is software that allows you to convert and view graphic files, with over 400 graphic formats supported. It’s also free to use so you can now enjoy the benefits of this program at no cost.

Graphic File Formats

There are a lot of major features of this product that makes it so useful. For example, it is capable of importing hundreds of graphic file formats (around 400) and exporting around 50. With this vast range of file types, you will be able to view and convert almost all of your images to your liking.


It can also do basic editing of images such as crop, rotate and resize. Filters application is also possible with this software, like blurring and embossing for example. Adjusting the brightness and contrast of an image, applying effects, and modifying the number of colors are other editing options that can be done.

Image Comparison

Furthermore, you can compare images right beside each other so you can make necessary adjustments to your photos. Looking at them side-by-side makes it easier for you to see the similarities and differences of particular images that you are viewing.

Windows Support

If you are running a Windows operating system, some of these supports may come in handy. One is the drag and drop, wherein you simply drag the images and drop them anywhere into the large space provided in the user interface. A print support is also available so you can make hard copies of your images. Different users from different nationalities can also use XnView since it supports 44 languages from around the globe, making it more accessible in different countries.