Learning About ThumbsPlus Digital RAW Plug In

ThumbsPlus is a digicam plug-in package which includes two plug-ins: the Plug Digicam and the Plug Digiraw. The first uses PolyImagePro, which supports Foveon, Nikon and Canon libraries. The second uses Dcraw, which supports numerous manufacturers and models.

Supported Versions

ThumbsPlus version 7 or higher is needed by this plug-in. Otherwise, it won’t work with older versions. It is possible to install the plug-in on the standard version, however, a watermark will be found on the images while loading. The full version gives you the benefit of the plug-in.

Operating Systems

This package will work on the latest versions of Windows. It will also work the 64-bit versions of these operating systems. In addition, it is recommended that the updated service packs are installed on these operating systems. However, for Windows 95 and NT, there might be some problems or glitches due to their age.

Installation Procedure

Installation is rather straightforward, with the installer determining the version (7 or 8) currently installed. It will then allow installation on either one of the two, whatever it detects. If you are not able to install the package properly, re-installation will be necessary.

File Extension Configuration

Supported file extensions will then be added by the installer to the corresponding folder. These can then be found in the specified program folder.  You can choose which appropriate plug-in to use for any file extension. You can also choose to execute different options for them. Make sure that the file extensions of your images are defined on installation of the ThumbsPlus plug-in, otherwise, you may not be able to see them.