Learning about Pos Red Eye Wiz Red Eye Remover

Pos Free Red Eye Remover is a free program for download capable of correcting the red eye phenomenon produced by most cameras. Red-eye is considered a common error that may deteriorate the quality of an image. This program can correct the effect of a camera’s flash on the blood vessels behind the eyes of subjects to produce cleaner and more presentable images.

System Requirements

The program will run on some of the latest Windows operating systems, namely Windows XP and Windows Vista. It has a minimal download file size of 9.77MB and installs approximately 300MB in your system. You also simply need a Pentium with a 350 Mhz processor, with 256MB of RAM, 16-bit video card and 800x600 resolution.

Image Formats

The red eye remover can work with a wide range of image types for your editing purposes. Most image types today can more or less be handled by this simple program. Simply locate the image file on your computer or hard drive and open it to use the program.

Automatic Modification

The program works with very minimal human input. Simply open the image that contains the red-eye effect and highlight the area of the eye you wish to be corrected. It then works on the image automatically and removes the red-eye instantly.

Additional Tools

After making the selection where the red-eye correction is needed, a simple click of the mouse will automatically clean up the image. The program also provides a few other basic options such as auto fit, full screen and save.