Learning About Pos Panorama Pro Panorama Software

Pos Panorama Pro is panorama software that allows you to make panoramic images with some photos that overlap. With a few simple clicks of the mouse, you will be able to capture a wider view of the scenery which cannot be captured in a single shot.

System Requirements

The program will run on some of the latest Windows operating systems, namely Windows XP and Windows Vista. It has a minimal download file size of 8.85MB and installs approximately 300MB in your system. You also simply need a Pentium with a 350 Mhz processor and 256MB of RAM, 16-bit video card and 800x600 resolution.

Various Uses

The application of this panorama software is endless. You can use it to combine your photos of that great vacation experience you just had. You may also integrate casual pictures of your family Thanksgiving dinner. Whatever your need, this program will be able to stitch relevant images together with ease.


A user-friendly interface can also be noticed while using the software. Just choose a series of photos that you have, and it will automatically organize them and recognize the points where they can be integrated (whether horizontal or vertical). Once the whole panoramic image has been completed, you can then edit and enhance your photo further, saving and printing it afterwards.

Additional Key Features

Some additional features include control of the panoramic image process and further management of other properties of the files such as compression, number of colors, type, etc. This panorama software therefore comes with a lot of potential for such a small package.