Learning about PhotoFiltre

PhotoFiltre is a program which can be used to retouch images easily. Making adjustments to images, whether simple or advanced, is made possible because of the wide array of options available. It also has a variety of other tools such as advanced brushes, layer manager and red-eye corrector.


The program permits beginners to become accustomed to editing by providing them with relatively simple filters for use. Some filters include contrast, brightness, gamma correction, etc.


One of the most basic tools in any editing software, Photofiltre provides round and square brushes for use. Other more advanced and unique types of brushes are available, which include oblique and other custom shapes.

Eraser Tool

When you start painting, you’re going to need to erase as well. At one point or another, you will make mistakes in your work and you’re going to need to have a handy eraser tool that can easily do the job.

Red-Eye Correction

The retouch tool on Photofiltre can very easily take care of the red-eye effect generated by most camera flashes. Simply select the portion, correct it, and you can very easily clean up the image.

Exporting Icons

Creating icons is also possible with this software. You can make icons with sizes of 64x64, 48x48 and 32x32.


This is a pretty advanced tool that can add contour and transparency effects to your images. This option of PhotoFiltre can add character and a different feel to the image depending on the opacity or transparency level you choose.