Learning About Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro is sophisticated software for digital photo and graphics editing. Although this software is totally free of cost, it packs a lot of professional features for advanced editing and creating various effects. Apart from the wide range of powerful editing tools, the software also enables you to create graphics and include various styles of text in your images. Here are a few points which will get you started with this powerful software.


Photo Pos Pro has a simple yet intuitive interface that even a novice will be able to use. There is the usual main Menu bar on top with a menu bar for shortcuts below it. There is a vertical Toolbar on the left with all the various tools required for editing. On the right side, you will find the fore and back color box, to switch between them while choosing a color. Below it is the box for RGB color format, and under that is the representation of colors in hex format which is mainly applicable for pages of the web. Then there is the Colors Box for choosing the various colors. Lastly, there is a selection for Gradient, Pattern and Texture.


All the functions for most of the photo editing you will find in the Shortcut Menu bar on top. Here, you can adjust the brightness, color saturation, contrast, remove red eye and do various repairs to your image. All the tools for editing and drawing you will find in the vertical toolbar, which include various brushes, selection tools and drawing tools.

Photo Pos Pro has a range of tools for masks and layers which you will find in the Layers box which can be accessed by clicking on Layers from the top menu bar. Although there are lot of tools and features, the layout is quite simple which makes the program easy to learn.