Learning About Photo Collage Studio

Photo Collage Studio is versatile software from Wondershare that enables you to easily create collages based on different themes. The workflow is quite simple, as most of the themes are pre-designed. They can be easily integrated into making a collage, calendars or greeting cards. The learning curve is very small, as most of the steps are easy to master at the first go itself.

Creating a Collage

Photo Collage Studio has a library of more than 300 predesigned templates which you can choose from to create your collage. These templates are professionally designed to suit various themes like wedding, travel, family occasions and so on. Integrating your photos into these templates only requires simple dragging and dropping operations on your part. If you feel creative, you can also design a collage from scratch, making your own designs and personalizing your scrapbook.

Adding Effects

The software provides various tools and features by which you can embellish your scrapbook. There is a huge collection of various clip arts and also various masks and frames which can be applied to your images. Various filters help to blend various textures into your images and also create unique effects of being hand painted or antique.

Printing and Sharing

Photo Collage Studio enables you to directly print your collages, adjust the layout of the page, and even print several collages on a single sheet of paper. The collages you have created can be saved in formats which can be shared on websites like Facebook and Flickr or by email. You also have the option of making your collage into wallpaper which can be used in mobiles or on blogs.