Learning about Paint Net

Paint Net is a very powerful freeware image editing package. This offers many advanced features, which means that it's possible to touch up and edit various photographs.


Paint Net is suitable for any windows based computer. This can be run on Windows 98, 2000, Vista or Windows 7. The software is very stable and doesn't need a state of the art computer to run comfortably.

Easy to Use

Paint Net features a very nice and easy to use user interface. This is intuitive, which makes it simple to edit and control your photos. The different toolboxes can be moved around the screen and reorganised to make it easy to do various tasks.

This software has support for layers. This means that it's very easy to manipulate the images. New layers can be used to add new objects without damaging the lower layers. This application has many of the powerful features included in Photoshop, but is much easier to use.


The software was originally created as a free replacement for the Microsoft Paint tool included as standard with Windows. Over the years, this grew in popularity and has added many interesting features.


The software can be downloaded from the Internet. It's a very small file and should be downloaded very easily. It's also available in a variety of languages including English, Chinese and German.