Learning about Dynamic Photo HDR

Dynamic Photo HDR is more than an affordable software package. It is an editing package that makes the life of a HDRI photographer a lot easier. It is also a program that anyone with basic editing knowledge can understand and use. If you shoot photographs and want to make each image a masterpiece, then Dynamic Photo HDR is worth learning about.

Auto Align/Auto Assist

With features such as Auto Aligning and Manual Assist, this software is able to correct faults in each and every photograph (thanks to its highly effective Pin Warping feature). Whether the issue is camera roll or pitch or yaw, you will be able to correct your images with this software. Pin Warping helps you to align an image by hand, including images that are very difficult to correct because of camera shift.

Tone Mapping

It is also a program that boasts of a number of tone mapping features, which will help you create many different images including those that have very smooth tone mapping or those that look a bit more dramatic.

HDR files/Panoramic Images

This software also allows you to load and save your HDR files. It provides support for as many as 360 Panoramic images and allows you to perform batch processing so that you can first queue up your images and then process them in one go.


If an image has some ghost images on it, Dynamic Photo HDR Edit will use its anti-ghosting feature to eliminate these ghost images.

3D Sky Filter

3D Sky Filter is a powerful feature in this software that will perform automatic adjustments when using tone mapping. This helps to maintain absolute smoothness of a blue sky and your image.