Learning about Cheez Cataloging Software

Cheez is easy to use, yet powerful cataloguing software which enables you to effectively organize and enhance your photos and videos. It can store information in different media types. You can add information such as descriptions and the date. There are also other features such as editing, slideshows and web albums.

Media Importing

With Cheez, you will be able to import media files such as videos and images from different sources. Whether they come from a digital camera, CD, USB or any other form of digital media, all you have to do is drag and drop the files from their source to the desired destination with this cataloguing software. You can also do this with entire folders.

Getting Organized

There is only one specified folder for storage of all of your files whether they are photos or videos. Directories can be created inside this folder to arrange your files, but all of them are in one folder so you can easily find them.

Image Enhancement

Enhancing your images has never been so easy. All of the necessary tools are supplied, such as crop, contrast, red-eye correction and a lot more. Some basic filters are also available such as sepia and gray scale to add a little more character to your photos.

File Sharing

You can send and share your images easily if your friends are also using Cheez. Simply use the import/export option in sending the files. Simply send them an email if they don’t use the program and it gets automatically resized to reduce the file size.

Easy to Use

A very simple interface makes it easy for you to navigate and use this tool. Only the important things are shown and they don’t clutter the screen. This cataloguing software integrates everything stated above into a simple and uncomplicated slate to avoid headaches.