Learning about Capture NX2

Capture NX2 is Nikon’s image editor and RAW processor that was released in June 2008. This software gives you a lot more new functions and tools compared to the old version of NX. Several workflow tools are also offered by this program, such as an image browser. What’s different in this software is that it offers RAW conversion of Nikon NEF files. However, other file formats will also work such as JPEG, for example.

Color Control Points

Image editing is further made easy by adding color control points to your images. You can enhance the brightness, hue and contrast by simply adjusting the sliders. Control points are very convenient, for example, if you want to keep certain portions of the image unchanged and only adjust a limited area.

Selection Control Points

This function allows you to add enhancements, such as Unsharp Mask, to a specified area of your image. This can easily be done with just a click of your mouse. You don’t even have to be precise in making your selection points because the Selection Control Point automatically determines the areas that need to be modified with Capture NX2.

Auto Retouch Brush

This tool automatically cleans any blemishes or dust specks photographed in an image. Carefully click and stroke the area that needs to be enhanced. Slowly work your way around with this tool until you match the surrounding hues, tones and colors of the image.

Additional New Features

Some new features have been added to the NX2, including workspaces, quick fix, label/rating support, multiple settings being opened simultaneously and shadow/highlight adjustments. Capture NX2 provides all of these functions and much more.