Learning about 3D Mosaics

The company 3D Mosaic specializes in creating mosaic posters in numerous styles. It has numerous facilities which are capable of creating the posters clients are looking for. This makes it unique and different from other companies and businesses which offer similar services.

Portfolio and List of Services

The official website has a gallery which shows past mosaic posters produced by company. There are several types of styles available to accommodate a variety of needs and purposes. Past client types have ranged from the average consumer to corporations. Posters can be used and published for magazine covers, displays for exhibits and trade shows as well as corporate event needs. Clients have a choice of having their mosaic posters produced in a variety of sizes up to 30 x 70 feet and more.

Ordering a Customized Poster

Cost of mosaic poster varies on a number of factors. This includes the final size of the poster, the number of pictures used for the artwork and any other additional artwork required. A small processing fee is also added for each small picture added to the mosaic. Depending on these factors, the poster will get completed within a span of seven to ten days. This time estimate is inclusive of the amount of time processing the images and designing the poster itself.

Copyright Issues

All posters and products created by the company are the property of the Magic Mosaics Ltd. Company. Copyrights of pictures provided by the client remains with the client while the rights of the produced mosaic created by the company remains with the company.