Lasersoft Silverfast DC SE 101

Lasersoft Silverfast DC SE is sophisticated photo editing and scanning software which gives professional results. The software has a lot of intuitive features which make editing and scanning easy. Here are a few of its main features.

Basic Mode

Silverfast DC SE provides a basic mode where a simplified user interface is available. Here the editing tools are minimal with slider controls for Contrast, Saturation and Brightness. Once the user is comfortable with the interface he/she can go on to the standard mode where all the tools are available.

Automatic Frame Detection

The Automatic Frame Detection tool is useful in scanning many images which can include slides, photos, film and negatives. Even several reflective originals can be scanned and optimized automatically. The Auto Frame Alignment feature is to be used when you are scanning originals without image holders.

Auto Adjust

The Auto Adjust feature will optimize the mid-tones, shadows and highlights of your image. This feature is also customizable under different settings as an Image Type and each stored individually.


Silverfast DC SE has a detailed dialogue box for printing which allows you to set various parameters and also control over the frame areas that are to be printed.

Color Editing and Correction

The software provides two powerful tools for color correction, namely GCC (Global Color Correction) and SCC (Selective Color Correction). The GCC tool gives you control over the full image's color balance. You can effectively remove color casts and tones can be controlled at minute levels. The SCC tool offers four layers each having individual correction of color and capacity of masking. There are also a few presets for fast color editing. The SCC also has an Adaptive Color Restoration option which will automatically correct colors which appear faded and also bring to normal, colors which are over-saturated.