Label Factory: Using the CD/DVD Labeling Starter Kit

Anyone interested in printing labels will be able to use Label Factory. This is a trustworthy piece of software which is designed to make it easy to print on labels. This software also supports a wide range of different labels including Avery labels. This makes it very simple to print professional labels, which can be fixed onto CDs or DVDs. When you are trying to use this package to make CD labels, you might be worried about the initial cost.

However, the starter kit includes plenty of labels for you to experience this first hand. This ensures that you will be able to print at least a few labels before you need to buy any more supplies.

Getting the Labeling Starter Kit

It's certainly worth shopping around to buy a copy of Label Factory, which also ships with the CD/DVD labeling starter kit. This is worth around $50, as it includes everything you need to get started. Currently, it is included as standard with the deluxe packages, although it is also sometimes offered as a bundle with others. Read through the descriptions to make sure that you are buying a version which comes with the popular starter kit.

The starter kit is bound to save you a substantial sum of money, and you will be able to experiment. It's unlikely that your prints will be perfect at first, and it's good to know that you don't have to pay for your mistakes at this time.


The starter kit includes the standard sized DVD and CD labels on plain colored adhesive paper. These can be fixed onto virtually any CD or DVD even if it already has manufacturer branding over the top. These labels simply cover up whatever is on the top of the disk and make it look much more professional.

The labels included in this kit use very powerful adhesive which makes sure that the label will stay firmly fixed ot the disk. There is no danger of the label coming off in your drive and getting stuck there. They are even compatible with slot loading DVD and CD players, which means your disks really are very professional looking.


The starter kit doesn't only include the labels but also an applicator. Although it's possible to fit the labels without an applicator, this does make it much easier. The labels are placed onto the applicator and then the disk is put on top and squashed down. The benefit of this is that it ensures the labels are placed on the disk centrally. This minimizes the chances of them coming off when they are being used.

The applicator is high quality and can continue to be used for many years, even when you are buying new labels.

Replacement Label Packs

There are a number of replacement label packs which can be used with your Label Factory software. These include Avery labels as well as a number of other brands. If you are using different brands, then bear in mind that the settings will first need to be adjusted because the spacing between the labels and borders will be different.