Key Features of AutoFocus Software

AutoFocus software is a must when it comes to obtaining professional digital photographs. HSC Edit Autofocus is software that comes in a package with a DeNoise, a Deblur, a JPEG ArteFact cleaner and a professional sharpener.  Here is what AutoFocus can do together with these useful plug-ins:

Inverts the Blurring Process

Designers who prefer Photoshop or Corel use various unsharp masks that create halos around edges and more noise. The advanced Deblur plug-in of HSC Edit AutoFocus uses deconvolution in order to decrease blur. This feature simply cannot be compared to the unsharp mask of other programs. Developers of AutoFocus have found a way to invert the formula that makes the image look blurred and thus obtain a clearer focus with as little noise as possible.

Cleans Noise and Grain

AutoFocus is known to be one of the most effective noise cleaners. Using a strong sharp mask to get rid of the blur will always create unwanted grain. For that matter, AutoFocus’ DeBlur and DeGrain make a perfect team. Users can save settings and repeatedly apply DeGrain for as much as is necessary.

Sharpens the Image

Autofocus disposes of a professional sharpening tool that can sharpen the image and prevent noise increase. The major drawbacks of grain and noise can thus be minimized.