iView MediaPro: What's New

The iView MediaPro is a commercially available digital asset management (DAM) software solution that is designed, developed and maintained by the London-based iView Multimedia studio. The product line has now been taken over by Microsoft, and the software is available for both the Mac OS X and the Microsoft Windows platforms.

MediaPro 3

The newest offering in the iView MediaPro software line up is the MediaPro 3. The MediaPro 3 has been developed from the grounds up to provide a full and efficient workflow management software package that is needed by professional photographers. There are tons of improvements that the MediaPro 3 offers over it predecessors, including new viewing options, better organizational tools and a much more streamlined automation control to simplify your workflow as a digital photographer.

Basic Features

  • Dynamic Imports - The MediaPro 3 allows you to handle a lot of files at once and manage them all while importing. You can easily rename a lot of files and apply multiple annotations to each file. Additionally, you will be able to directly import the files from a device or a disk.
  • Streamlined Annotation Workflow - You will also be able to apply multiple annotations that are compliant with the IPTC/XMP Core.
  • Pro Light Table - The MediaPro 3 enables viewing and labeling of multiple images.

Apart from these, there are other features like the ability to conduct a visual search without having to navigate “Find” dialogs, full thumbnail support with Sub-Folder Watching and extended preview. You can also customize and configure the catalogs and the desktop layouts.

Advanced Features

Among the advanced features, the MediaPro 3 enables users to create web-based galleries that use contemporary technologies like CSS. The catalogs can be completely exported using the XML standards and hence easily shared with other applications.