iView MediaPro: An Overview

iView MediaPro is sophisticated software for managing images and comes with lot of customizable features for importing, organizing, annotating, archiving and distributing a vast data-base of digital image files.

Import Features and Format Support

MediaPro has simple dragging and dropping procedures for importing various types of media files of image, video, audio, illustration, fonts and HTML. The software supports more than 100 media file formats including the ones which are popular in digital photography, such as Nikon NEF, Kodak DCR, Canon CRW, TIF and CR2, Sony SRF, Pentax PEF and DNG.

Annotation Features

The software offers mega-tagging features for batches, using the main industry standards like EXIF, IPTC and XPM Core. Annotations can also be embedded in the original files and synchronized.

Efficient Workflow

MedioPro offers a quick solution for renaming, annotating and conversion of many files. Editing is possible in batches with control over the version. You can also get scripting support with JavaScript and Visual Basic in Windows and Applescript while using a Macintosh.

Archiving and Retrieving Features

Databases can be created easily which can be previewed with annotations. The search features are quite intuitive and you can find your original files when they are offline. Databases are kept up to date with a powerful Folder Watching feature and locating assets is quite easy with improved search functionalities.

Organizing and Export Features

MediaPro is a fully featured management system for your image files, which lets you easily search, preview, compare and organize your media files effectively. The software also offers cross platform integration so that you can distribute and publish your media with ease through web galleries, slide shows or movies. You can also create composite PDF files and contact sheets and also fully control your printout layout and size.